Clean & safe water where it’s most needed


Purifier / Desalination

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What we do

We provide water purification systems with low O&M and fast installation for remote communities with limited access to potable water.



According to the World Health Organization, “diseases due to poor drinking-water access, unimproved sanitation, and poor hygiene practices cause 4.0% of all deaths and 5.7% of all disability or ill health in the world.”

We provide safe and clean water for remote communities eliminating contaminants and viruses.



In a climate change context, the world needs consume their energy from renewable energies.

Our system is zero CO2 emissions acting free from the electric grid.



Large water infrastructure takes years to build and costly.

Our system is easy to transport and quick to install.


What makes us unique



Typical water purification systems are designed to operate with fixed water conditions, but quality source might vary (i.e. winter vs summer). In addition, some sources might not be available in scarce periods, forcing users to change sources.

Our technology can adapt to different water sources in order to purify.


Lower Cost

Energy is the largest operational cost to purify salty water with reverse osmosis membranes.

Integrating the latest solar technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI), our systems optimizes in real-time to use the most of the free solar energy.



A lot of system fail because of a lack of maintenance.

Our technology allows autonomous operation and remote control. Thanks to our predictive self-cleaning, automatic adjustment to the available solar power, and remote control, we keep the system with the least physical maintenance possible.



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Financing Alternatives

Water purification projects such us constructing a new schools in rural area, providing water for disaster & relief locations, increasing agriculture production when in need, and others, might need financing. Since every country has its own financing sources, Remote Waters offers support and advice to applying for national and international financial sources. Some sources are listed below.

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  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

  • United Nations (UN)

  • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

  • Green Bank

  • Ford Foundation

  • Bill Gates Foundation


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  • Incentivized Production Corporation - Corporación de Fomento a la Producción (CORFO)

  • National Committee for Scientific Research and Technology - Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica (CONYCIT)

  • Chile’s Department of Agriculture - Ministerio de Agricultura de Chile

  • Chile’s Department of Energy - Ministerio de Energía de Chile

  • Regional Governments Funds - Gobiernos Regionales (GORE) - Fondos FNDR